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About Evergreen Urban

We impact urban communities by developing solutions to revive underutilized real estate assets.  Evergreen Urban provides integrated real estate solutions through its team of experienced real estate developers, finance experts, construction managers, real estate brokers and real estate lawyers. Our projects range from small multi-family renovations to the development of large-scale mixed-use transit-oriented development projects.


Catalytic Impact

As a minority-owned Certified Business Enterprise in the District of Columbia, we focus on projects that produce meaningful impact to underdeveloped communities in terms of social and environmental impact. Evergreen Urban projects stabilize neighborhoods and provide affordable housing options. 

Committed Partner

Evergreen Urban partners with public and private property owners to position assets for the best possible outcome. We analyze the situation and act expeditiously to add value and maximize financial performance. Our approach is thoughtful, aggressive and uniquely tailored to meet each property owner’s desired outcome.

Creative Vision

Whether it is a solution to a problem or the response to an opportunity, we mobilize quickly to address the complex issues surrounding challenging real estate and related assets. Our creative approach to development, acquisitions, and investment has produced comprehensive solutions for residents, owners and institutions serving urban communities.

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